20 Best Drugstore Mascaras for Length, Volume, and More

20 Best Drugstore Mascaras for Length, Volume, and More

Jealousy is a nasty business, and as much as we may covet Julianne Hough’s bionic, damage-free strands or Jennifer Lopez’s age-resistant complexion, sometimes, we just can’t help feeling a touch of envy when a celebrity’s beauty game is so on point that it almost hurts. A perfect example? The stab of pain we felt this past award show season every single time we saw Lucy Boynton—and her ridiculously amazing eyelashes—on the red carpet. (Don’t bother asking how many times we impulsively booked—and then promptly cancelled—a lash extension appointment in tortured indecision.)

The thing is, while Boynton is, indeed, naturally blessed with perhaps the most gorgeous lashes we’ve ever seen, we also know (thanks to her go-to makeup artist Jo Baker’s Instagram) that certain mascara formulas are behind the enhancement of her insanely pretty gaze. Our point? With the right mascara formula, you can skip the falsies and extensions and head in the direction of long and fluttery lash ecstasy à la Lucy Boynton and pretty much every other lash blessed celebrity we’ve come across. Even better? You don’t have to spend a fortune on said mascaras.

When some of the top makeup artists in the industry told us earlier this year they recommend saving—not splurging—on your mascara formulas, we couldn’t have been more thrilled. And while we’ve already come up with a pretty epic list of some of the best mascara formulas in the industry, we thought we’d take their advice one step further by creating a list of the best drugstore mascaras you, your lashes, and your bank account will truly appreciate.

From the $5 top-selling mascara on Amazon immediately below, to the most note-worthy of waterproof or cruelty-free formulas, here’s to the top 20 drugstore mascaras you should most definitely peruse during your next toothpaste and deodorant run. 

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May 8, 2020