6 Outdated Wardrobe Basics and What We're Buying Instead

6 Outdated Wardrobe Basics and What We’re Buying Instead

Many of our editors have been spending time organizing and cleaning out our closets while spending time at home. In fact, we recently covered some of the denim and accessories we’re purging and incorporating into our offerings at the moment. And given that many of us rely on basics as the foundational pieces in our wardrobes, we thought we’d focus next on the simple items we’re thinking of donating and adding to our arsenals when we can. Of course, though, all of this is based on personal preference, and you should wear whatever you love and feel most comfortable in.

To check out the wardrobe basics that made the cut, keep on scrolling for more. And if you are shopping at the moment and are inspired to potentially add one of the fresh staples into your closet either now or later, you’ll find chic wardrobe staples to consider as well.

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May 14, 2020