Ariana Grande is Embracing Her Natural Hair During Lockdown

Ariana Grande is Embracing Her Natural Hair During Lockdown

Photo by David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Welcome to the club.

We’re entering week three of social distancing/quarantine/self-isolation/whatever you like to call it here in Canada, and if you’re anything like me, your natural hair has now taken over. As someone with natural curls and thick hair that resembles that of Hermione in the first Harry Potter movie, I usually straighten/blowdry my hair every week. But, since being in lockdown, I’ve decided to lay off the hot tools to give my hair a break. And it turns out that I’m not alone in this approach – Ariana Grande is embracing her natural locks right now, too.

Overnight, Grande took to Instagram to share a selfie in which her natural hair was on full display. For those that only know the 7 Rings singer with her lustrous long ponytails, her natural locks are a stark, but beautiful contrast. In the image, Grande can be seen with her dark ringlet curls tumbling over her shoulders, with a few pieces falling softly over her kohl-rimmed eyes. She captioned the photo by writing, “Get a load a dis.”

Her celebrity friends were quick to praise the look. Katy Perry coined what might just be my new favourite phrase ‘covid curl’ writing, “Here for this covid curl”, whilst Tracee Ellis Ross, Zac Posen, Jeremy Scott, Jessie J and Chloe x Halle all shared various love heart emojis in the comments section. And it seems fans are equally as enamoured as the post has racked up almost six million likes since it was posted.

This isn’t the first time the Grammy Award winner has shown off her natural locks, though it is a fairly rare sighting. Grande has previously shared glimpses of her curls on various Instagram stories, as well as on the cover of Vogue back in July of last year. Here’s hoping we see plenty more of them in the coming weeks.

And speaking of hair, if you’re thinking of colouring your own while you’re at home, read this first.

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April 1, 2020