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Can I Do Wholesale Real Estate Without a License in Florida?

In Florida, wholesalers are allowed to market real estate without a license, but they cannot represent the seller. Wholesalers are required to state whether they are licensed agents or brokers and adhere to key guidelines. For example, wholesalers cannot market a property without the seller’s consent, nor can they put a For Sale sign outside a property without legal title and a representation agreement.

If you are just starting out in Florida, the best way to get your foot in the door is to find properties that are listed for sale or are currently for sale. Wholesalers in Florida should know that the market is ripe and has lots of opportunities. You can also find properties that are already sold and leasehold improvements to do. But make sure to check the requirements for these businesses and make sure you have the proper licenses to operate your wholesale business.

As with any business, wholesale real estate requires some research and understanding of the local rules. You should do as much research as possible and contact a licensed attorney to get all the details of the licensing requirements. You can do this online by searching the state’s name and licensing website. Florida is currently considering SB 2212, which amends Chapter 1101 and codifies the changes made to the TREC rules.

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Wholesale real estate is legal in Florida as long as the buyer and seller reach a contract. It’s important to note, however, that wholesalers should take advantage of any property that is sold for less than market value. Always do a title search and avoid entering into any wholesale agreement without proper paperwork and a licensed broker. Buying whole land is a high-risk venture and a license is crucial.

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