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How to Prepare For Your End of Lease Cleaning Service

Let’s face it – end of lease cleaning can be one of the most frantic and stressful periods you can encounter. Between searching for and securing a new property, keeping up to date with all the related paperwork, and trying to live your own life, the last thing you may consider is the extensive cleaning process that must be completed before you leave your current property. Fortunately, experienced professionals are here to assist you, ensuring you receive the balance of your bond to assist with your moving costs while encountering as few issues as possible in the notoriously stressful moving process. In preparation for your vital end-of-lease cleaning service, follow these steps to ensure the process runs smoothly and without any inconvenient interruptions.

De-Clutter Your Property

We’re all guilty of keeping too many things out in the open in our homes, and most of us wish we had more storage. While keeping our belongings in places that are convenient to us is logical, it makes industrial cleaning services extremely difficult to complete. Hiding potential areas that require a deep clean and prolonging the time it takes to complete the cleaning of a room, clutter is your worst enemy when it comes to your end of lease cleaning service.

To make your next move as easy as possible, be ruthless with your belongings, determining which items are essential each day, which items can be stored away until you move, and which items you don’t use that can be sold, donated, or thrown away. This will ensure your next home is organised and not subject to clutter, and will help you to secure your bond again.

Create and Update a Cleaning Checklist

While an end of lease cleaning service undertaken by reputable professionals will address each area of your property, it’s important to note down each component of the property that will require cleaning. Compiling a cleaning inventory for your chosen cleaning company to work against ensures that no stone will be left unturned.

This will need to be an extensive list, as every corner and crevice of each room will need to be addressed, from the window ledge of the laundry room to the top of the kitchen’s sliding doors. With this said, it’s a good idea to compile this list room by room, and to start from the back of the property and move towards the front door, ensuring a thorough examination of the whole property is completed. It’s also important to not neglect the exterior of the property, with dirt and grime often building up without notice following periods of rain and poor weather. Industrial cleaning services are most effective when completed against a thorough list compiled in advance.

Pay Attention to Your Carpet

A particularly central and high-traffic area of many properties, carpeted spaces are most prone to collecting dirt and dust, and consequently, carpet cleaning is a huge component of any industrial cleaning service. However, to make this easier, ensuring you complete a deep clean of your carpets is crucial, scrubbing any problem areas particularly thoroughly.

Over the course of a lease, carpets are prone to spills, and stains often develop if these are not quickly and carefully addressed. Combining baking soda with vinegar is an effective solution for removing stains from your carpets, and following this, it’s important you allow your carpets to air before vacuuming its surface to remove excess dirt and dust. Carpet cleaning is vital to ensuring your property is well-maintained and satisfies the criteria of any end of lease inspection.

Start Early

Quite obviously, your attention is most likely to turn to your end-of-lease cleaning when your current leasing period is nearing its end. However, the most effective preparation for these industrial cleaning services is carried out over a period of months, as it’s crucial to start this exhaustive process early! Routine cleaning is the key to securing your bond, as it minimises the opportunity for mould and dirt to build up, and bacteria cannot form as easily when all surfaces are consistently and thoroughly cleaned.

To keep on top of your cleaning in advance of your lease ending, pay particular attention to any metallic surfaces, as these are the most commonly examined surfaces in an inspection. This means carefully scrubbing your shower heads, taps, and sinks most prominently, and simply combining vinegar with water will help tackle problematic spots and stains. Similarly, regularly sweeping and mopping your floor will ensure that all non-carpeted surfaces shine and will make your own maintenance simpler and easier to complete each time. The best time to start preparing for your end of lease cleaning is today!

Reach out to a reputable commercial cleaning company today!

To ensure you receive an eco-friendly, high-quality service that satisfies the requirements of your bond, contact a commercial cleaning company to complete your end of lease cleaning service. A team of experienced professionals will ensure you receive a service that satisfies your needs and ensures your moving process is seamless from start to finish.

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