How to Spot a Fake Bank Statement

If you suspect that you have received a fake bank statement, you may want to examine it carefully to be sure it’s not real. A fake bank statement will look different than a real one for a few reasons. If the font is the same, the bank logo doesn’t look high resolution, or the math is not consistent, you may want to look into it further. If you notice suspicious withdrawals or transactions, you should investigate further. But at first, you need to know how you spot a Fake bank statement this?

U.S. Bank accepts applications for PPP loans

Currently, the biggest PPP lender is Bank Of America. It was the largest bank in Round 1 of the program and is based in many underserved states. The bank also confirmed it would participate in Round 2. However, it will be slower than smaller banks, and borrowers should not expect an immediate response. Instead, applicants should contact individual banks to get a personalized response. While the Bank Of America website is the most reliable source of information, individual banks may have more competitive rates.

If you do not have a business account at U.S. Bank, you can still apply for a PPP loan through other lenders. KeyBank is a top-10 SBA lender and accepts applications for PPP loans. For those who aren’t current customers, they are the best choice in Texas. You can also apply through Wallis Bank. Just make sure to create a business checking account with a local bank first before applying for the PPP loan.

Wells Fargo accepts applications for PPP loans.

On April 6, Wells Fargo will begin accepting applications for the new program that will disperse $10 billion in loans to nonprofits and businesses with fewer than 50 employees. The bank has already seen a huge amount of interest in the PPP loans since Friday. The bank is predicting that it will reach its maximum loan capacity under the new program. Until then, however, it is operating within its asset cap limits webtoon.

A lawsuit claims Wells Fargo unfairly discriminated against small businesses applying for the program. During the recent COVID-19 crisis, the bank denied applications for government-sponsored relief for these companies. Although the bank’s forgiving loan plan, which offered $349 billion to small businesses to meet payroll costs, has since run out, the plaintiff says the bank did this based on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

Citibank accepts applications for PPP loans.

Founded in 1870, Comerica Bank is a community bank with 12 locations in Wisconsin. The bank has approximately $793 million in assets. It previously said it only accepted PPP loan applications from Comerica business checking account customers. This bank has since changed its COVID 19 update page to accommodate new applicants. You can find more information on its website. This institution is the largest SBA lender and has an outstanding reputation.

The application process is now available online. New customers are welcome to apply for a PPP loan, though they must open a Capital One account by February 15, 2020. Non-customers should resubmit their application to a different lender. The process takes 15 minutes and does not require a high credit score. If your business is approved for a PPP loan, you can apply for a second loan once your business has reached 300 employees.

CenterState Bank accepts applications for PPP loans.

The community bank, CenterState Bank, is accepting applications for its new PPP lending program. The bank has multiple locations in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida and has been accepting business loan applications since 2013. Applicants do not need to be customers of the bank to be eligible for the program, though. Non-customers should start with their local branch of the bank before moving on to the CenterState Bank. This bank will prioritize businesses in underserved markets, such as those owned by veterans or economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs. The bank will also give priority to businesses in rural areas, underserved markets, and businesses that are under two years old.

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