The business direction of using extracts from “Hemp, cannabis” in the industry

Assoc. Prof. Dr Weerachai Puttawong, Assistant to the President for Innovation and Social Affairs at Kasetsart University, said that now the hemp law officially opened on January 29, 2021, starting at the same time across the country. Marijuana laws have already begun, But the legal nature of the two is different: marijuana licenses are in the hands of government agencies. But hemp licenses are for juristic persons, citizens and companies.

Business direction, including in Thailand and abroad. When it comes to marijuana, legal openness isn’t that big. Think of the cannabinoid, a simple analogy to caffeine. Caffeine is now used all over the world, and now CBD shop is becoming more and more open. If you look at the American side, it has already opened quite a lot and is full of capacity, some states gradually open up, including the south, and there is only Thailand in the Asian zone. If you look at Europe, the population of Europe is relatively high. But the use in Europe from the research data. It is used at about 10 per cent, now 21 per cent in 2021, so this will increase, including the open Thai law.

Things that happen, we barely keep up with. We will see the ministerial regulations come out almost every month. Latest on hemp oil After brainstorming, Credit must be given to the Ministry of Health for its prompt and international approach, which some have noticed in many respects. I want to say Everything is in line with the global trend. Hemp and cannabis are now prevalent and go a long way. If we look at the substances contained in hemp and cannabis, there are only 11 cannabinoids, but the one accepted all over the world is CBD.

What is indispensable abroad is THC, although Europe and America are in high demand. It cannot be exported to be sold. It’s like heroin or drugs, which has an international defence mechanism. Therefore, it should be played as open. It is already known what properties CBD has; some say that it is a drug. But if you compare CBD with allicin or alliin in garlic can lower blood cholesterol; it is food. Whether high-isoflavonoids are food, CBD shop in Europe and Japan is considered food. CBD, or cannabidiol, known as cannabidiol, is both a food and a drug, so it’s open-ended, and most importantly, it doesn’t have any addictive side effects. Therefore, the world market will keep an eye on this aspect.

It can be seen that Thailand’s law has developed similarly to the United States and Europe; starting with medicine in 2028, it is expected that The value of this site will be 123 million euros, and the number will continue to rise. But the use, in Europe, the population that uses it is 21 per cent, and most importantly, Thai law does not allow the import of CBD products. Only seeds can be imported. CBD and products can be imported. For research purposes only. Now let’s look at the US side, which has gone a long way—seeing a lot of products and being sold as usual. Will be seen as a group There are quite a lot of food and beverages, which the American FBA recognizes that CBD can be used, and in Europe, CBD sees as food; the US puts it as Generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

This one has been stigmatized since 2018, and if it looks like Stevioside is a substance extracted from stevia, it will surely bring CBD shop to the global market. That will be the first substance to accept, like coffee’s caffeine.

But fortunately, CBD is produced from hemp, which is relatively short-growing. It takes about four months to harvest. So there will be competition in the future. If the use of CBD is higher, there will be synthetics is a competition between synthetic and natural substances.

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