The Local Flavors of Antalya for Foreigners

In recent years, it has made significant investments in the real estate market of foreigners in Turkey. The most obvious of these investments are property investments. The approaches of the Turkish state to increase foreign investments have stimulated the real estate market. The biggest reason for this rising momentum in the real estate market is to be able to obtain Turkish citizenship. The Turkish government offers the opportunity for Turkish citizenship for foreigners who invest in property in Turkey under certain conditions. Therefore, property investments of foreigners have increased, especially in large cities such as Antalya, Istanbul, and Izmir. Many foreigners who have invested in property have been able to obtain Turkish citizenship thanks to this.

Especially due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, many immigrants came to Turkey. Almost the majority of these foreigners who immigrated to Turkey preferred the Antalya region. Thus, foreigners continue their lives here by buying a house or an apartment in Antalya. At this point, you may ask why Antalya. There are various reasons for foreigners to invest by buying an apartment in Antalya and living here. The first of these reasons is that Antalya is a Mediterranean city. The Mediterranean climate is noticeably felt in this city. In addition, Antalya’s clean and turquoise sea, blue flag beaches, and historical structures are among the other reasons that attract foreign investors. In addition to all these, Antalya is a tourism city from the past to the present. This charming city has hosted millions of tourists for many years, giving them unique holiday experiences. Thus, Antalya has become the first city that comes to mind when it comes to Turkey for foreigners.

Let’s imagine that you want to own an apartment in Antalya or have purchased one. This city has unique and diverse opportunities. However, how closely do you know Antalya? Of course, everyone has an idea about the sea, climate, or resort areas of the city. So, have you been curious about the local dishes of Antalya? Today we will examine Antalya cuisine for foreigners who want to make various property investments in Antalya and live here. Let’s start exploring the flavors of Antalya together.

Antalya Piyaz

When Antalya cuisine is mentioned, the first local flavor that undoubtedly comes to mind is Antalya Piyazı. This local delicacy is the most famous dish in the city of Antalya. At the same time, Antalya Piyaz is considered among the richest flavors by many famous gourmets. Piyaz is generally accepted as a salad variety in Turkey. There are dried beans and greens in it. However, Antalya has made this unique taste unique. Manavgat, a district of Antalya, is at the forefront of sesame production. Also, Manavgat sesame has gained a reputation as ’golden sesame”. The people of Antalya produce tahini by using this famous sesame. At this point, the Antalya piyaz is separated from other piyazs because there is tahini in it. In addition, in addition to tahini, the addition of eggs to this recipe has turned Antalya Piyaz into a hearty dish. This recipe is quite simple to make and is also loved by many foreigners. It is possible to encounter this flavor in almost all food restaurants in Antalya. If you are someone who has discovered Antalya and still has not tried this dish, you can start here today.

Yoruk Kebab

Although Antalya has received immigration from foreigners in recent years, the local people of this city are yoruks. Yoruks are defined as nomadic societies. Although tourism is the major source of livelihood of Antalya, agriculture, and animal husbandry are among the important economic sectors. The biggest feature of Yoruks is that they are interested in animal husbandry. For this reason, Antalya can also be defined as the city of Yoruk. The yoruks have made great contributions to the cuisine as well as creating the cultural values of Antalya. The most famous flavor of these is Yoruk Kebab. This dish is quite famous in the Antalya region. The taste of this delicacy leaves an unforgettable aftertaste on the palate of many foreigners. Inside the Yoruk Kebab, there is lamb meat fed with herbs growing in the Taurus Mountains. This flavor is rich in protein as well as organic.

Fresh Broad Bean Dish

Of course, the advantages of the Mediterranean climate have enriched the cuisine of Antalya. Due to the Mediterranean climate, endemic plants grow in this region. Thanks to these plants, exquisite flavors appear. One of them is a fresh broad bean dish. This dish is consumed especially in the spring months. The most important point here is the preservation of the green color of fresh pods. In addition, the olive oil unique to the Mediterranean region makes this dish unique.


This flavor unique to Antalya is usually among the snacks. It is a snack that is often consumed, especially with tea. It contains sesame and molasses. It is a very healthy snack because of molasses. If you like croquettes with honey, we recommend you not miss this flavor.


Hibeş is a type of appetizer that is consumed very often by the local people in Antalya. This famous flavor can be used as a supporting product in breakfasts, sauces, and dinners. This recipe includes tahini, garlic, and spices. We are sure that you have never tried this flavor before. Hibeş takes its place among the most interesting and delicious tastes of Antalya. If you are ready to explore Antalya, you can start with local flavors.

Guidance About Purchasing House or Apartment in Turkey

The real estate market shows excellent investment opportunities in Antalya. As a result of our extensive real estate area acquaintance, the purpose is to make the buying process more enjoyable in Turkey and stress-free for you. Contact us to discuss your investment options with our professional team. Your questions will be answered, and we will provide you with additional information on acquiring an apartment in Antalya. If you want to become a property in Turkey, we, as Tolerance Home, will be very happy to help you.

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