This Screen Door from Everlasting Comfort is the Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Father’s day is around the corner and it’s an exciting time to appreciate the special man that you have in your life and say thanks for all of the hard work, love, and care that he’s shown you. As much as father’s day does give you the opportunity to celebrate someone you love deeply, a lot of times it can be hard to think of a gift for dad that you feel hits the spot. Fathers are notorious for being hard to buy for – part of this could be the fact that they have long been thought of as providers and protectors. Most dads are just happy to spend time with their family and to have some good food on father’s day, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t gift’s that he’ll love.

The Everlasting Comfort screen door protector is one of these gifts that your dad will appreciate and use, and could be the perfect thing to give him this Father’s Day. But what’s so special about a screen door protector and why would your dad love it so much? Let’s look at all of that and more, here is everything you need to know about this magnetic door screen and why your dad will love it!

What is a Magnetic Door Screen Protector?

So what exactly is a magnetic door screen? The concept here is something that you are going to be familiar with as screen doors are a very common thing. A screen door is a secondary door that allows you to open your primary door and allow fresh air in, without allowing in bugs or other pests. These are wildly popular and loved by people who use them. Some days the weather outside is just perfect, and there’s nothing better than getting in some much-needed fresh air. A screen door allows you to do this, enjoying all the benefits of fresh air without allowing pesty bugs to fly in.

These are often used on days when the weather is good, and they are also a great tool to help you keep an eye on things that are happening outside. For instance, if the kids are playing outside, you can leave the door open but close the screen door so you can have a better view of them, and be able to call to them with more ease. Let’s say you are grilling outside and want to keep an eye on the grill, but need to step inside, a screen door can help you do this.

Not using a screen door of some kind invites all kinds of problems. You can allow flies, mosquitoes, and other insects and pests to come openly into your home otherwise. While you can get fresh air by opening a door, without the protection of a screen it’s not typically the best idea masstamilan.

Problem With Traditional Screen Doors

That being said, screen doors don’t always provide convenience. Yes, they are a great solution for allowing fresh air into the home, but they can oftentimes also create hindrances and an obstacle. This mostly comes down to some aspects of their design that make them hard to navigate. Namely, the hydraulic system that allows most screen doors to close automatically, or stay propped open. This is also complicated by the fact that screen doors are typically somewhat heavy. Every aspect of a screen door is made of metal or glass, with very little plastic.

If you have ever tried to go out through the screen door holding several plates of food, or a beverage in each hand, you know how cumbersome and awkward these heavy doors can be. While they do a great job of letting fresh air in, screening pests, and preventing bugs from getting inside, they can also be a hassle.

Magnetic Door Screen

This is where the power of a magnetic door screen comes into play. This is alight weight, a screen that is made from durable, tough mesh that hangs in your doorway. It perfectly seals to your door frame in a way that creates protection, however, it doesn’t operate as a door but more like a curtain. Split down the middle, the seem that holds the two mesh flaps together has 26 magnets.

These magnets are strong enough to keep the mesh door together, creating a seal that makes it impossible for bugs to get through, however, can be broken apart by simply applying a little pressure. This means you get all the benefits of a screen door without any of the hassles of a heavy door.


Get dad the gift of Everlasting Comfort’s magnetic door screen this father’s day. If your dad loves fresh air and would appreciate an efficient, easy, comfortable way of getting that fresh air while still keeping the bugs out, this is a great gift. No more awkwardly taking plates of food to and from the grill through a heavy screen door. With the magnetic door screen, you can enjoy fresh air completely hassle-free.

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