What Are Some Ideas For a Painting to Hang on My Wall?

One question that can be tricky for many home decorators is, “What should I hang on my wall?” Here are some ideas to help you decide. Remember that a painting should be a focal point in the room. For example, a large painting will look best if it is hung above the right sofa or TV. Your furniture should complement the painting, not compete with it.

While most artists sell their work in rectangular or square frames, consider buying something that isn’t framed. Round or square pieces of art can elevate your living space. Consider using traditional pieces as a core but purposefully throwing them off to make a statement. You may be surprised at the effect. If you’re not sure what to hang on your wall, consider getting a hand-painted piece.

While choosing your piece of art, remember that the final placement will determine how it looks. The general rule of thumb is to hang the art at eye level, or about 60 inches above the floor. However, you may want to experiment with different placements until you find one that works for your space. To be safe, you can hang it off-center, if necessary. If it is too high, consider getting a smaller piece.

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