What is Bitcoin’s Future Prediction?

There are many predictions for Bitcoin’s future. One of the most prominent is made by Thomas Fitzpatrick, global head of CitiFX Technicals. In a report published late in 2020, Fitzpatrick predicts a Bitcoin price of $318,000 by the year 2022. The reason behind his forecast is that high inflation may push investors to digital money as a safe haven. Furthermore, as more companies adopt the currency, the value should stabilize.

Despite the volatility in the past few years, the future price of Bitcoin has been predicted to reach $58,000 in 2025. However, this price prediction is not backed by any regulatory regime or authority. There are many unproven predictions about Bitcoin, but they all have some validity. According to the Finder panel, Bitcoin will increase in value by 93 percent by 2025. Moreover, in 2025, it’s expected to reach $126,127.


Pompliano has previously predicted that Bitcoin would reach $100,000 by the end of 2021. However, he has recently revised his prediction to say that the maximum price of Bitcoin will be $250,000. He said that the demand for Bitcoin is growing faster than the supply, and the US Federal Reserve is pursuing aggressive quantitative easing. In addition, he believes that the low interest rates will cause investors to flock to safe-haven assets.

In the coming years, Bitcoin will become a mainstream currency, a reliable alternative to fiat currencies. World economists recognize that our current financial systems are faulty, and the world needs more stable and reliable currencies. The currency has slowly made its way into the mainstream and will continue to gain traction. It will eventually replace fiat currencies all over the world. Ultimately, this digital currency will serve as the first global currency.

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