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What Kind of Job Can I Find If I Cant Stand Or Walk Much?

If you can’t stand or walk much, sedentary jobs may be the best choice for you. These roles don’t require you to stand for long periods of time, and they still have the potential for career growth. In addition, many sedentary jobs require minimal standing, which is good news for those with chronic back or knee pain. And don’t worry: these jobs don’t necessarily have lower salaries. If you’re unable to stand or walk much, there are still hundreds of jobs opportunities available on the Shiply platform. Shiply offers a wide range of jobs that don’t require extensive mobility.

If you have a decent singing voice and decent musical chops, you can start a side business by singing or playing at local bars. You’ll need a car to drive to and from customers, but the money can be good. If you’re willing to work evenings, you can also try to find outdoor venues. Some jobs don’t require much standing, but they can still be lucrative.

Software engineers and project managers, as well as website and network developers, are some non-strengthy jobs you can look into. Many modern technology companies are more than willing to make accommodations for their disabled employees. Accountants and other financial specialists also need to sit and use a computer, but they have many breaks where they can stretch and stand up. These types of jobs are often more flexible and allow you to work at your own pace.

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