What Light Meters Are Good For Analogue Night Photography?

There are two kinds of light meters: incident and reflected. In incident light photography, the meter measures the amount of light that falls on your subject. The incident type requires that you place the meter directly in front of your subject to take an accurate reading. Using this method is more accurate, but it is not ideal for shooting fast moving subjects and ultra-reflective objects. On the other hand, incident light photography is ideal for close-up subjects.

The best analogue light meter for night photography is one with a CCD CMOS linear image sensor. This type of meter is easy to use and includes a touch-screen display. This touch-screen display makes it easy to navigate between different features, including exposure time, f-stops, and spectral distribution. You can also view a spectral distribution of the source in real time. The CRI (ColorRendering Index) of a light source is displayed in a graph, enabling you to determine the color reproduction.

The Sekonic L-758D DigitalMaster Light Meter features a rotating head, which allows you to adjust the angle of the metering head. You can also remove the head to obtain a contrast reading. The meter’s light receiving method feature lets you choose a sensor that matches the light falling on your subject. This type of meter is also available as a flat diffuser.

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