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Will Bitcoin Hit $200K by 2022?

A recent webinar hosted by Fundstrat Global Advisors’ digital asset strategy head, Sean Farrell, outlined several factors that could propel Bitcoin to $200k and ethereum to $12k by 2022. Those catalysts include the potential return of risk-on appetite, Freshwap increased buying, and negative real yields. But before we get into the catalysts, let’s take a look at the current situation.

Cryptocurrency prices have reached a five-year high. The balance between illiquid and liquid supply has reached a five-year high. That dynamic is like a Merdb powder keg. While the price has fallen sharply this year, analysts expect it to rebound in the second half of 2018.

Many prominent cryptocurrency Sportspress experts predict that the USD value of bitcoin will reach $200K in the next few years. However, many investors in the US will stop dealing with bonds and switch their strategy to the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, Lee’s recent prediction is likely to become a reality as many US investors will start shifting their investment strategy from bonds to crypto trading. But the future is far from clear. Only Codeplex time will tell, but the predictions have become increasingly popular.

Although Bitcoin is an increasingly mature technology, it is still vulnerable to the same risks. The crypto space is increasingly crowded and backed by professional players. Experts recommend that investors invest only what they can afford to lose. Moreover, they believe Elibrary that the influx of traditional banks will further boost BTC. And the widespread adoption of digital currencies will increase its credibility. So will the mainstream media finally come to the party?

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